Story of Kalve

When a dog owner who is crazy about dreadlock extensions and a animal-loving neighbour and importer of the hair buisness meets, a discussion about dogs, hair, hair products, business dreams and a new company arises.

The entrepreneur in the neighborhood is a long-standing professional and kindly offered to share his knowledge and skills about importing and product development. With this information, synthetic dreadlocks sold under the Kalve brand have been co-developed.

Kalve uses only responsibly produced products and is collaborating to develop a project that will be able to fully compensate for the company's carbon footprint.

Elina, an entrepreneur who moved from the north to Ostrobothnia, is behind the company. From the beginning, it has been important that the beloved homeland is reflected in the company. Some of the brand product names refer to the north, the company is also named with reference to the north.